How we achieved a 4x ROAS for Wardrobe Apparel

"Convert Lab is why we make $$ online. Simple."
Alexandra Thompson - Owner of Wardrobe Apparel
Increase in
Online Revenue
Return on
Ad Spend
Increase in
Conversion Rate
Increase Avg.
Order Value

Wardrobe Apparel PPC / SEM

Wardrobe Apparel is the niche luxury ecommerce business. Their catalog features super high end designer dresses and accessories. Convert Lab was brought in to find new customer online through paid ads on Google, Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram.

Challenge & Goals:

Wardrobe did not have any sales coming from paid advertising when we joined the team. The site was limited to sales from existing customers that had visited the physical store and some organic search. Wardrobe needed to find new customers online that also had the income level to qualify them as a potential customer.

  • Conversion rate was extremely low (0.04%).
  • They had no sales from paid advertising.
  • The target market was a very niche high-income consumer.
  • A very small proportion of organic traffic was coming from non-brand terms.
  • The customer experience was challenged by pre-orders and customizations.

Our Process:

Because Wardrobe Apparel was a reseller, we found that there was a good amount of branded search for their products brands. With these target searches in mind, we launched Google Shopping campaigns in Canada and the US.

After our success with Google Shopping, we launched campaigns on Pinterest and tested FB/IG as new channels for TOF and BOF activation.

  • Product feed optimization
  • Product set selection
  • A/B testing audiences and creative
  • Built out a strong analytics and reporting framework

Platforms & Tools


Our paid strategy was a huge success for Wardrobe Apparel. We increased sales, improved the websites conversion rate, and increased the website AOV.

  • Website conversion rate Increased to 0.25%
  • Return on Ad Spend of 4x
  • Website revenue increased 1,254%
  • Website average order value incresed 42%

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