How we achived a 8.6x ROAS on Psychedelics Today's $12k Course.

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Psychedelics Today PPC

Psychedelics Today (PT) is a media, culture, and education business. While working with PT I managed all paid advertising for their online courses.

Their most crucial courses were "Navigating Psychedelics For Clinicians and Therapists ($1.5k)" and a brand new boot camp that we helped them launch called Vital ($12k).

Challenge & Goals:

Given the sensitivity of the subject matter, it was crucial that the ads were seen by clinicians and therapists interested in incorporating psychedelic therapy into their practices. This required extensive research and testing. Since the topic was quite niche and potentially controversial, it was crucial to find the right balance between professionalism and authenticity. The third major challenge was managing the potential risks of advertising on various platforms.

  • Targeting Clinicians and therapists interested in incorporating psychedelic therapy into their practices
  • Creating compelling ad content that would capture people's attention and encourage them to enroll in the courses.
  • Platform risk such as ad disapprovals, account suspensions, and changing policies

Our Process:

Targeting required extensive research and testing to identify the most effective targeting parameters, such as job titles, interests, and geographical locations, and refine them over time based on performance data.

For creative we had to ensure that the ads were informative and credible, while also being engaging and inspiring, in order to persuade potential customers to take the next step and sign up for the courses.

To minimize platform risks and optimize our campaigns, we had to stay up to date on the latest guidelines and best practices for each Facebook, and take proactive measures to avoid any issues that could derail the campaigns.

  • Targeting optimization
  • Landing page review
  • A/B testing audiences and creative
  • Built out a strong analytics and reporting framework

Platforms & Tools


Based on our work with Psychedelics Today, we were able to achieve excellent results for both of their key online courses. For "Navigating Psychedelics For Clinicians and Therapists," we were able to achieve a $250 cost per acquisition (CPA) and a return on ad spend (ROAS) of 6x. Similarly, for their new boot camp, Vital, we achieved a CPA of $1388 and an impressive ROAS of 8.6x. These results demonstrate the effectiveness of our targeting and creative strategies, as well as our ability to navigate platform risks and optimize campaigns over time. Overall, we were able to help Psychedelics Today achieve their goals and grow their business through effective paid advertising.

  • Vital ROAS of 8.6x
  • Navigating Psychedelics For Clinicians and Therapists ROAS of 6x

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